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Fringes & Streaks
Direct Sale *NEW!*
How To Wear Dreadfalls


NEW Custom DIY Alt. wear available! Cat ears, Glowsticks, Headbands, Jewelery, and more!

Visit the "Direct Sale" Page HERE!

Preorder for CUSTOM Dreadfalls, and 10-12" Streaks and Fringes- open now!

Fringe orders will NOT be shipped for at least 10 days, Dreads for who knows how long- (Besides premade) so until then; you're going to have to lust after that gorgeous lady (me) to the left!

Thank you!

-Sophie, D//D

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Decadence//Decay started as a simple MySpace name, and has yet grown to something much different. Now, I'm here to cater to people that love the same stuff I do!

Once we start building our promotion and getting products up & out, we'll start to feature people modeling our products (and their background info!) in this very space. Exciting? Yes!

If you're interested in making an order AND modeling for us (All normal orders please revert to the "Orders" page..)
Please contact me at

"Alternative" Fashion?
YES! If that's what you call it...
 Starting up now, (We're not JUST hair anymore!)
we've got a page full of fun stuff, kandi, glowsticks, jewelery, and more!

ALL items on these pages are HANDMADE!

Please get in touch to tell us what you think, and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

Get at us: